Our Story

I SAID YES is here to guide you through every step before you take that walk down the
aisle. Our mission is to inspire the creativity within you, bringing your dream
wedding to life — and we feel honored to be part of your journey. Discover why
over 4K brides have said „yes!“ to our planner.


Why are we passionate about what we do?

Nothing brings us more joy than receiving feedback and watching heartwarming videos of brides opening our box with excitement,some even shedding tears of joy. Knowing that we've assisted someone in organizing the most beautiful day they'll cherish for a lifetime is truly priceless — we are sincerely honored to play a part in realizing your dream wedding! 

How did it all begin?

1. Filip popped the question

Well, let's rewind to the moment when
Filip popped the question, and I joyfully said, "Yes!" Little did we know, we were about to dive headfirst into the whirlwind of wedding planning. Papers scattered everywhere, confusion looming over us – the chaos was real.

2. Didn't find what we were looking for

In our quest for the perfect wedding planner, we found none that captured the essence of our journey. That's when inspiration struck, and I decided to create our very own wedding planner.

3. Made our own wedding planner

Crafting this planner became a labor of love, born out of our own experiences. As it helped us navigate the maze of
wedding preparations, I realized it could be a lifeline for couples facing the same challenges but I didn't stop here.

4. Thanks to the planner I graduated!

I embarked on an 8-month analysis, diving deep into the most frequently asked questions and challenges faced by real brides and maids of honor and incorporated solutions to their problems into „I said yes!“ planner. And here's a fun fact - this analysis even culminated in my graduate thesis!

5. I said yes was born

Thus, I Said Yes Wedding Planner was born – not just a planner but a comprehensive guide infused with warmth, practical advice, and the meticulous details needed to make your special day truly your own. As a result of extensive research and dedication, I refer to it as a guide rather than a planner, as it literally leads you step by step towards the perfectly planned big day.