Wedding planner for brides who like simplicity and sophistication

This wedding planner, born out of extensive research on brides' challenges and a master thesis of a bride-to-be, offers a minimalistic yet content-rich design. With 31 valuable advice sections, it provides ample space for your own notes and comes with a hardcover with gold foil to carry it safely in your handbag.

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  • Technical characteristics

    - 160 pages
    - A5 book size
    - Hardcover book with sewn binding
    - White cover with gold foil

  • Content of the planner

    - Calendar
    - List of Important Contacts
    - Checklist by Months
    - Determination of Date
    - Guest List
    - Booking a Location
    - Services and Program
    - Decoration
    - Music
    - Catering
    - Cake
    - Photographer/Videographer
    - Wedding Program
    - Wedding Dress
    - Makeup and Hairstyle
    - Vows and Rings
    - Accommodation and Seating for Guests
    - Final Preparations
    - Notes

  • How will the 'I Said Yes' guide help you with your wedding planning?

    - Leads you step-by-step to a perfectly planned big day.
    - Reduces stress related to planning and organization.
    - Reminds you of crucial details you might otherwise forget.
    - Doubles as a handy notebook for wedding fairs and notes.
    - Provides expert advice for every planning segment.
    - Turns your wedding planning into pure enjoyment and pleasure.

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